This race used to have chip timing but fell on hard times and had to go finish cards

Monte's pics 2016​

Monte's pictures from November 21, 2015

Monte's Pictures 2019

Monte's pictures from November 22, 2014


Course Records 10K 2002   Lance Winders                              35 12                          Jennifer Segovia                39 50 CR 2003   Chris Kennedy                               33 53 CR                   Jennifer Segovia                 42 32 *Course Records 5 Miles 2010   Scott Fanning, Lebanon                 27 07 CR    Kirsten Sass, McKenzie     31 30 2018 Eric Nelius, Tullahoma 27 26 Kate Nicewicz, Cookeville 31 25 CR

Starting crowd  in 2010.

Course Description Start and finish at Overton Lodge on Standing Stone Lake, Hilham. Start across the lodge following Morgan Creek to turnaround at 1.5 miles. Continue past the starting line to a second turnaround at 3.7 miles. Same way back to the finish. Considered a fast and scenic course.
Course History Originally a 7.1-mile race, The Reindeer Stampede 7 Miler, started in 1995 as the last race before the Christmas break. It started at the cross walk near the Recreation Hall and leaving the park going south on Hwy 52, then making Fletcher Circle, headed north on Hwy 52 passing the park entrance and turning left at the next road. A few years later the campground was paved and the course was changed to The Reindeer Stampede 10K. It looped through the campground and headed out ofthe park to Hwy 52, making a right turn heading south to a turn-around thenheading back into the park looping the campground again and finishing at the Hall. Runners complained of turning into the campground loop the second time when they could see the finish. So, the next year the course was changed again, leaving out the final loop of the campground and taking in Fletcher Circle from the original course and finishing back at the Recreation Hall. In 2005 the date of the race was changed to mid November, trading with the date of Johnsonville Charge. This allowed for the use of Overton Lodge and the whole course to move down to the lake. Previously, this was not possible because of winterizing of the Lodge and the roads not being passable after snowfall. The Reindeer Stampede name would no longer work because of the date change. The name Bigfoot Scramble 5 Miler was chosen because of the rumors of Bigfoot being spotted at Standing Stone. Course was certified in 2013. All courses were designed by Lynn Burnett, Livingston.