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Course Description Start and finish in Chickasaw State Park, Henderson. Start at park entrance and Hwy 100 going down to Lake Placid and turning right to a turnaround at mile 1. Back to the lake turning right across the dam and the beginning of 150 feet uphill at mile 2. At 2.8 miles a sharp right turn to follow Lost Trail Rd with rolling minor hills. At 4.2 miles it follows Sunshine Rd for 0.2 miles to a second turnaround. Same way back with a big downhill to finish at the end of the dam. Course History The first race was held in 1996. The course was designed the year before by Jerry Witworth and John Sweeney. They used to run the course twice on Sunday mornings. Jerry’s wife, Susie, named the race Chickasaw Chase. At that time, most of the roads were unpaved. In 1997 a snowfall made the course slippery and very muddy. Since then, participation has steadily increased, as it is one of the few 10-milers in Tennessee. In 2010 the temperature was 21 F at the start. Sometimes runners got lost, because it is the Tour race with the fewest race workers per mile (less than one). In 2015 the distance was reduced from 10 miles to 6.6 miles, a Quarter Marathon, and Allyson Bell became the race director. The date was moved from January to November and then, to October, because is was always too cold. Despite these efforts, the morning of the 2016 event had a chilly 38 degrees.
In 2017 everyone wanted to start early because a bad storm was coming by noon. It actually did not come until 3 PM. The Lodge had been booked years in advance by other groups so the race head quarter was moved to the parking lot shelter. Connor Gray, Jackson, is the new race director since 2018 and we are back in the Lodge, except in 2022, when it was 34 degrees. Course Records
1997              L Winders               53 13 CR       M Silvers           1 11 03 2003              E Legros                 55 08             M Manning         1 03 51 CR
2015             Shayne Fawcett       40 34 CR* Holly Barrett     52 12 CR*
2019 John Woodman 37 43 CR Kiera Woodman 41 21 CR
John Woodman 39 59 Kiera Woodman 41 07 CR
*The distance was shortened in 2015 to 6.55 Miles, a Quarter Marathon.