Monte's Pics 2018 CourseFinish

Conditions in 2019 and again in 2020 were cold and wet.

Course Description Start and finish at the Inn of Fall Creek Falls State Park, Pikeville. One loop around the gorge perimeter with two quarter-mile out and back loops at miles 2 and 8. After start at Land Side Cabin Rd turn right on Main Park Rd. After 1 mile turn left on Gorge Scenic Drive. Go straight to Piney Creek Falls overlook turnaround. Turn left back on Gorge Scenic Drive. At Falls Creek Falls overlook turn right at the parking lot continuing on Gorge Scenic Drive. Just before the loop split (mile 6) turn left onto a bike trail. At mile 7 turn sharply right across a wooden bridge and follow a bike trail to the Main Park Road. Turn left across the dam. Turn around the grassy median at the dam parking lot. Return across the dam (mile 8) and turn left on the bike trail following the shoreline to the finish. Considered the most scenic of all Running Tour courses. 
New Course for 2021, while a new Inn is still under construction. Start and finish at Campground Visitor Center across the lake. GPS coordinates 35.65503 and -85.35525. Park MapCourse History One of the original four races of the Running Tour. It was also one of the most popular events in the 1980’s with 400 runners for several years. Course was designed by Bill Chief and Jon Eiche and organized by Chattanooga Track Club. From 1986 the race was directed by Monte Lowe of Eagle Kountry Running Club, Cookeville, and after 1996 by Tony Cox, Mt Juliet. In 2006 the race management was taken over by MachTenn RC, Tullahoma. Recent race directors were Bob Alt, Mike Niederhauser, and Roger Gall. In 2015 the bike path was iced over and an all road course was used measuring 9.6 miles. In 2018 - 2022 alternate courses were used while the new Inn was being built.  Course Records                 male                                                   female1984               Chuck Crabb         46 43 CR*               Ellie Smith                  1 03 13
1995               Jeff Lingwall             50 21                    Bonnie McReynolds      55 54 CR*


The Tour is finally over and Lynda, Guth, and Vickie can rest until October