Monte's Pix -22

Monte's Pictures GG-15 withBib No.

Race Workers in 2022.Terry, Tomas, Roger, Dan, Joe, Monte

Monte's Pics 2016

Monte's Pics 2018

Plateau Gobbler Gallop 2020, post-race smiles

Finish Line 2021

Some of the 70+ crowd at the Restaurant in 2021

​​​Course description
Start and finish at the swimming pool lodge at Cumberland Mountain State Park, Crossville. After start in the parking lot the course goes out to a right turn on Hwy 419 and a steep uphill to a right turn on Hwy 127. At 2 miles turn right on Old Mail Rd and follow a series of steep up and down hills to Coon Hollow Lane at mile 5. At the end of road turn right to connect with the park road. Rolling downhill to Hollow Branch bridge across Byrd Lake Dam on Hwy 419 and turn right to the finish at the Lodge. Considered the third hardest course, until The Bat Course History This race began in 1979 with the start at the dam. The course was designed by Andy Lyon, the Park Ranger, with the help of Fred Gent and Steve Douglas. The race was added to the Tour in 1983. When the swimming pool lodge was built, the start was moved to its current location in the parking lot. In 2005 the start and finish was held at the Park Restaurant at Mile 6 of the old course but otherwise identical. Most runners would prefer this location of the start because it put the first hill at 1.5 miles instead of 0.5 miles. However, since 2007 the start and finish are back at the lodge. From 2015 Terry Walter is the Race Director, then Dan Smithhisler in 2018.

​Course Records

1993   Lance Winders, Mansfield   36 54 CR      Amy Wimmer , Mt Juliet      44 20 
2012   Jacob Carrigan, Antioch     39 46             Kirsten Sass, McKenzie     44 20 (tie)

2019   John Woodman, Clarksville 41 42            Kiera Woodman, Clarksville 43 00 CR