2017 Champions

William Gibson 10, Emily Groves 13, Ryan Delaney 27, Meg Guy 36, Christy Groves 43, Dan Smithhisler 60, JC Kelley 71, Blake Gallimore 41, Marie Palko 54, Lynda de Paulis 70, Terry Quillen 54, Stephen Khleif 81, and Patricia Cole 64.

Qualifications for the Grand Prix Championship­
To become eligible for Championship Awards, a runner must complete at least 5 races with points being added from a maximum of 10 races. Champions must be present at the Tour Banquet to receive their award. The age of the runner at the first participated race determines the Grand Prix Division for the whole season. Top 25 finishers in each division are given points in descending order (30-28-26-24-22-20-19-18-17, etc). Grand Prix Divisions are Male and Female: Youth (age 0-19), Open (age 20-39), Masters (age 40-49), Grand Masters (age 50-59), Senior Grand Masters (age 60-69) Veterans (age 70-79) and Over Eighty (80+).

2015-2016 Running Tour Champions

Sergio Bianchini 75, Amelia Wallace 73

Guy Giles 64, Patricia Cole 63

Dan Smithhisler 59, Marie Palko 54

​David Zucker 42, Christy Groves 43 

Andrew Wisniewski 33, Meg Guy​ 35

Donovan Davis 18, Emily Groves 12

2017 - 2018 Grand Prix Points Update

2015 Champions

​Gary Anderson, Amelia Wallace, Abby Blankenship, Donovan Davis, Dan Smithhisler, Marie Palko, Andrew Wisniewski, Meg Guy, David Zucker, Sue Barlow, Patricia Cole, Guy Giles.

2014 Champions

2013-2014 Men: Donovan Davis, Fred Hatler, David Zucker, Lance Winders, Guy Giles, Gary Anderson

2013-2014 Women: Elva Magana, Robyn Winkler, Lisa Zacarelli, Marie Palko, Lynda de Paulis, Amelia Wallace 

Championship awards (including volunteer awards) will be presented at a special Awards Banquet at 6:30 PM CST on March 4, 2017, following Fall Creek Thaw 15K. A discount package (one night lodging, banquet meal, and Sunday breakfast) is offered at Fall Creek Falls State Park Inn. Call the Inn at 1-423-881-5241 for reservations. Ask for the Running Tour packet. Everyone with 10 or more races will get an additional award.