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Course Description Start and finish at Park Headquarters of Norris Dam State Park, Norris. Starting downhill with the first steep uphill at half a mile. Then, a 300 feet elevation drop to crossing the dam followed by 150 feet uphill to the camping area of Norris Park. Circling the park then back the same way. Considered the most challenging course of all the 22 Running Tour races. It is a hill runner’s delight. Course History It is another of the old races on the Tour, starting in 1985. The course was designed by Marshall and Mel Adams (no relation) in 1984. It was the first park race to offer hot food afterwards. Also infamous for being the only Running Tour race that has encountered a fatality. In 1986 a runner from Oak Ridge suffered cardiac arrest at mile 1. 
In 2002 the course was altered to start and finish in Norris because of Park closings that year. Known to have the best chili afterwards, made even better by the chili-cooking contest instigated in 2006. You vote by leaving your spoon at the favorite pot. In 2012 the course did not go through the campground due to construction. Instead, it went to a turnaround on Norris Dam Road. From 2015 the event had cancelled the chili contest (to everyone's disappointment).
​In 2018 the race was postponed to February 24 (snow day) because of snow. ​Course Records
1994             J Young              38 54 CR       Marsha Morton-Elkins      49 12
2005            Eric Vandervort   41 30            Johanna Siemon             47 04  CR      


Sam Culberson is telling a joke at the starting line