Walkers facing 20 miles per hour headwind

Temperature dropped from 68 to 42 degrees

John Woodman 32 and Kiera Woodman 24. 

New course record 2019.


Course Description Start at the Park Lodge. Follow Lodge Rd onto Hwy 79 N and go across the bridge to a turnaround at the Water Station. Turn left back on Lodge Rd and then right on Bridgeview Rd. Go on to the overpass and turn right at the marina parking area. Turn right at Ship’s Store, then right to Fitzhugh Bridge Relic loop. Back the same way. After crossing over Hwy 79 N, turn right at Scenic Cove. Follow this road to the cabin loop on the top of the hill. The same way back past the Convention Center to the finish at Lodge Rd. Certificate TN10086MS is valid until 2020. During construction of the new Inn, start and finish line were moved to the swimming pool area parking lot, which invalidates the certification.. Course History The inaugural race was held in 2007 and sponsored by Paris Chamber of Commerce. It had 47 finishers during pouring rain. Participation has increased every year. The race did not become part of the Running Tour until 2008, when it had 83 finishers. The following year had 138 finishers. The course was USAT&F certified in 2010. In 2010, it was 24 mph sleet from the south and 35 F. Many state age records are set every year, after 8 Miles became a recognized distance in 2009. In 2017 a new male course record was set. Then in 2019, the Woodmans bettered their own course records. From 2020 Jay Hosford is the race director. The 2021 race was held 8 hours after a tornado killed 100 people 30 miles north of the park.
Course Records
2011 Chuck Jones, Clarksville 46 43 CR Kirsten Sass, McKenzie 55 42
2012   Shane Fawcett, Bolivar       47 47                        Kirsten Sass, McKenzie             51 27 CR
​2019 John Woodman, Clarksville 45 17 CR Kiera Woodman, Clarksville 49 11 CR