Jan Lowe was missing because of knee replacement

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The most convoluted course of all Tour races

Course Description Start and finish at the Inn of Pickwick Landing State Park. The course passes the marina, then on to a gravel road to a turnaround. On the same way back it loops the cabin area, then continues past the cemetery to a parking area by the water. Back via a narrow paved trail that circles the Inn and ends at the start. Course was designed by Mike Bell and Michael D’Orio. 
​Course History
The inaugural race was held 2012 in pouring rain and 68 F. It is one the most convoluted courses on the Running Tour with lots of turn and twists. The 2016 race was postponed to the snow day, Feb 27. The 2017 event had sunshine and 71 degrees. In
2020 Marcus Anderson became Race Director.​

Course Records     Male                                                   Female
2012   Blake Gallimore, Dresden 37 23 CR                  Kirsten Sass, McKenzie     38 23 CR 2013   Donovan Davis, Gleason   37 29                        Robyn Winkler, McKenzie  40 18 2014   Shayne Fawcett, Bolivar     34 55 CR                  Marie Palko, Nashville        43 48

​2015          Shayne Fawcett, Bolivar     35 29                        Robyn Winkler, McKenzie    39 10

2020.         John Woodman, Clarksville 36 36                      Kiera Woodman, Clarksville  38 59