Course Description Two loops on a 5K course in Warriors Path State Park, Kingsport. Start at the lodge going out to a right turn on Warrior Drive. Turn left at the top of the hill and go across the parking lot of the old drive-in cinema. Turn left back on Warrior Drive down the hill and going past the island connector to a turnaround at the end of the road. Go back and turn right over the connector then right and circle the island back to the start. Repeat the same loops for a second time. Finish behind the lodge. Considered a fast and easy course. Course History This race was a 5K before it became part of the Running Tour in 1988. Course was designed by Frank Cooke, Kingsport, who made it into a 10K by running the same course twice. In 2006 the finish line was moved from the front of the Lodge to the back and a walkers award category was added. The course was certified in 1994 as TN94008RH and rectified in 2015 as TN15008MS.Booth the 2014 and 2015 races were snowed in and had to be rescheduled. Therefore, in 2015 the date was moved to October, instead of the date of Roan Mountain 10K, which was discontinued. In 2016 The War Party was moved back to February. In 2018 Liza Hazlett became race director after Matthew Studholme, who had moved to Chattanooga.

Course Records

 ​1994         David Reid             30 41

1998         S Crowder              32 59 CR                Molly Allen                  40 07

2006         Michael Smelser     36 16                      Brittany Killough         36 16 CR 

Sam Culberson is trying to keep up with Wendy Wiedner